Free Masterclass with Paul Neill

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The Chord Power System®, created by Paul Neill in 2003 is a 100% "playing based" approach that gets you actually playing songs with both hands from Day One and REAL Standards, Gospel, Jazz and Pop in just a few months.

The FREE Training Reveals:

1. How you can play nice sounding songs in days or even on your very first day!

2. How to practice just MINUTES a day to develop MUSCLE MEMORY for great results.

3. How to (also) play ACCOMPANIMENT to play while you or others sing.

4. A breakthrough chord system that will give you the ability to play any kind of music fast and easy.

It is based on movable, double-handed chord patterns that Paul discovered is common to all music. From 2003 to 2022, Paul conducted thousands of piano workshops in hundreds of cities in the USA and Canada. Now through the magic of Zoom, Paul continues to bring the joy of piano to adults learning from the comfort of their homes. (TEXT "FREE ZOOM CLASS" Directly to Paul Neill: 1-403-618-7529) Text Link (cellphones only) below!