About Chord Power®

In 2003 Paul Neill created this method for learning and playing piano based on a pattern that he discovered was common to all music which he called The Shape® which allowed him to learn even complex chords very quickly. He found that it was also easily learned by anyone regardless of their age or (lack of) musical experience. He used that as the springboard to teach them how to play the music that most pros use which are called lead sheets or "Fake Book" music which involved chords over a melody line.  They were able to play Standards, Gospel, Popular Music even Jazz in just a few months. Since then he has further expanded the versatility of this amazing pattern where with slight modifications one can play lots of songs in weeks even days without having to read any music at all. Experience firsthand the power of this method in a FREE Masterclass with Paul via Zoom. Yes, your piano dream is closer than you imagine. Contact Paul and enter the rarified air of the Piano Player!